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Insurance includes professional (malpractice) liability, general (premises or 'slip & fall') liability, and product liability coverage. U.S. residents only.

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FOR PROFESSIONAL AND STUDENT MEMBERS ONLY: Please understand that TMTA is a service organization promoting massage therapy in Tennessee. Joining is a declaration of your interest in working to promote the profession and unity among massage therapists. Please be prepared to serve in some capacity to achieve these goals. Your personal involvement is a requirement for membership. I attest to the best of my ability that all of the above information is true. Further, I understand that if any of this information is discovered to be false, that my application will be rejected.
* I have read the TMTA Code of Ethics and Membership Oath and agree to abide by their guidelines. Membership Oath.
You will be notified of the membership committee's decision within 30 days of receipt of completed membership application.

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