Insurance available for Professional & Student Members


TMTA offers PROFESSIONAL & PREMISES LIABILITY insurance at a reduced fee for its members that is comparable to the national associations for a reasonable price.

Coverage Includes all:

*Massage Therapists * Yoga Instructors * Cosmetologists * Estheticians * Nail Technicians * Animal Massage

* Reflexologists * Kinesiology * Aroma Therapy * Breathing Work * Reiki * Dance Instructors

Coverage & Benefits

• Professional Liability Insurance (Malpractice)

• General Liability Insurance (Trip and Fall)

• Product Liability Coverage

• $2 Million Per Occurrence

• $3 Million Annual Aggregate Coverage

• $2 Million Product Aggregate Coverage

• $100,000 Rental Damage Coverage

• INCLUDES $15,000 Identity Protection Insurance

• INCLUDES $1,000 Lost/Stolen Equipment Coverage

• FREE Business Web site - Learn More

• FREE Newsletter

• FREE Directory Listing On

* $5,000 Animal Massage Limit For Any One Animal

Massage liability insurance is not the only thing offered by MMIP.  In addition to the following benefits, our clients have access to a friendly, knowledgeable customer support system.  MMIP clients are covered as soon as the application is processed.

Benefits Coverage Description Coverage Limits

Professional Liability InsuranceCoverage designed to protect professionals against liability incurred as a result of negligence and errors or omissions in performing professional services.

Covers claims made for injuries due to misconduct or lack of ordinary skill. $2 million per occurrence / $3 million annual aggregate
General Liability InsuranceCoverage against liability for negligent acts and/or omissions that result in bodily injury and/or property damage on the premises of a business.
(Trip and Fall)
Covers claims for injuries that occur at your place of work, including trip and fall. $2 million per occurrence / $3 million annual aggregate
Product Liability InsuranceCoverage against liability from the use of a covered product that results in bodily injury or damage. Covers claims made against you for damage or injury resulting from a product you use on clients. $2 million per occurrence / $2 million annual aggregate
Rental Damage InsuranceCoverage against damages to the space you occupy while you are working. Covers damage to the space you work in. $100,000
Lost/Stolen Equipment Insurance
Covers cost of replacing lost or stolen equipment used in your practice
Identity Protection Insurance Reimburses you for expenses incurred as a result of identity fraud $25,000
FREE Monthly Newsletter Receive timely and relevant information about the massage industry on a monthly basis
FREE Business Website

Receive a FREE website to promote your business and manage your practice

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FREE Directory Listing

List your company or your name in the MMIP directory on the MASSAGE Magazine web site.

* $5,000 Animal Massage Limit For Any One Animal                200+ NCBTMB approved online CE hours. (97.00 value)

U.S. residents only.

Professional Rates

A policy through Massage Magazine Insurance Plus is available at the most competitive rates in the industry. We are able to distribute costs across our large membership base and reduce the cost of our massage liability insurance to our clients.

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus - $144/yr for Members of TMTA.

Student Rates

A student policy through Massage Magazine Insurance Plus is available at the most competitive rates in the industry.
Must be currently enrolled in school. If you are not enrolled in school at the time of application, all insurance is null and void.

Massage Magazine Insurance Student Plus - $25/yr

Our student rate applies for an entire 12 months, even after graduation! Our policy covers students during in-clinic and outreach programs!

This insurance plan covers manual therapists wherever you might be doing your work; in your own office, a spa, resort, sporting event, clinic, shopping mall or corporate office. Even if you are doing massage outside your local area. This plan is as mobile as your practice and that mobility can take you wherever your imagination leads you!

Coverage for over 300 modalities; including nearly all massage and bodywork methods as well as animal massage applications. You get secure coverage from an "A" rated underwriter and personal customer service from our experienced staff.

Click on this link modalities-covered to view a list of covered modalities.

Legal Defense

MMIP and its insurance partners will provide legal support if someone sues you alleging wrong doing on your part for covered losses. It can sometimes be very expensive to defend yourself against legal claims someone makes against you. MMIP and its insurance partners will provide support if someone sues you alleging wrong doing on your part for covered losses. Your policy pays for legal fees, court costs and any judgements against you up to the certificate limit for covered claims.

Your Practice

To protect your business property, personal property, wage earning, reputation and the ability to continue doing hands-on therapies, insurance protection is a necessary addition to your professional practice. If you are not covered by insurance that protects you from claims made against the work you do, then you are leaving yourself open for a lawsuit. If you think having insurance just gives someone access to the deep pockets of your insurance carrier, think again.

Without insurance you can be personally sued for future earnings, and anything you might own. Although you may be innocent, you may still be forced out of business. If you do not have the proper legal assistance to fight a claim, or the reserves to pay a successful claim, you are very vulnerable. Insurance is protection against both false and real claims.

Your Premises

If you rent, lease or are paying for space in a building, you can be held liable for accidents or damage even if your landlord has premises liability insurance. If you are working out of your home, you are liable for damages if someone falls going to or coming from your house or apartment. If someone is bitten by a dog or scratched by a cat while at your place of business, even if it isn't yours, you are liable. Insurance protects you in case someone is injured. This is an occurrence-type policy, which means that it covers incidents when they occur during the policy period, even if you no longer hold a policy under this plan. If an incident happened during the policy period, you are covered.

  • You are covered by this plan wherever you practice, as long as you are a law-abiding professional. If you fail to abide by local and state laws regarding your profession, such as licensing, registration or similar required credentials, you will not be covered.
  • You are not covered by this policy if you exceed the legal limit of your scope of practice, as defined by state or local regulations or board rules.
  • The effective date of your policy will be the postmark date or the expiration date of your current policy. We cannot back date prior to the postmark date.


Refund Policy:

The insurance provider does not refund any amount for any reason during a policy period.


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